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Woodland Maintenance Through Better Training

There will be many tasks in your Woodland that with proper training either you or your team could do without calling in the experts.

That’s why at Wessex Woodland Management we run over 20 course a year ranging from Aerial Tree Rigging, to Safe use of a Chainsaw to First Aid in The workplace, either as bespoke course or with other workers form the industry.

Have a look at the full list of woodland management and chainsaw training courses we offer, along with detailed information on the content.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone , get in touch and and our Head of Training will call you straight back.


Grey Squirrel Control

Pest control plays a vital role in woodland health. Grey squirrels pose real danger and too often we see catastrophic damage to the base and crown of vulnerable compartments; years of maintenance, thinning, clearing and pruning can be lost in a matter of weeks. We generally see this happen in the high damage period through June, where the sap starts to flow from the root system to the canopy, the trees are actively growing – this sees the grey squirrel strip bark to get to the phloem, where the sugar is carried.

If you spot them early, you will often see small trial patches, these are roughly 2-3inch square areas where the bark has been removed, to see if there is a good volume of sap to be had. At this point, grey squirrel control has to be conducted.

The Goodnature A18 trap is a grey squirrel management tool that allows the user to manage squirrel populations year round, efficiently and cost effectively. Unlike traditional spring traps, the Goodnature A18 does not need to be checked every day (once every 24 hours in Scotland) by law, under the Spring Trap Approval Order. This creates an opportunity to trap the target species throughout the year, managing the population more efficiently as opposed to a more traditional 2-3 week bust/boom scenario.

Capable of dispatching 18 grey squirrels, the Goodnature trap resets after each strike and the counter ensures a log is kept, we recommend also using the trap guard to prevent damage. When the animal is dispatched, it falls to the ground and is scavenged by avian predators or mammals such as badgers and foxes. Due to the trap not using any toxins, there is no risk of primary or secondary poisoning.

The traps are ideally placed at a density of 1 per hectare, should the woodland be an irregular shape with high numbers of wildlife corridors, a more customised approach with more traps may be needed. It must be said, there are many squirrel traps available to us in the armoury, we should actively use any legal means to manage grey squirrels, as well as drey poking and shooting.

Integrated pest management does not only lend itself to the urban environment, too often we overlook how important it is to actively control pests within our woodlands; quite often due to the time constraints of traditional spring trapping.

The team a Wessex have been very proactive with the A18 squirrel trap to date, I would highly recommend asking them about how they can help manage the greys in your area.

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Grants for Woodland Maintenance

Everything needs maintaining, woodlands are no exception. Newly planted woodland needs weed control while mature woodlands need ride maintenance and Hazel coppicing to speak of a few. There are a number of grants which can help fund these uneconomic operations.

Woodland Grants

 Wessex Woodland Management Woodland Maintenance Projects

South Hampshire

A Woodland Improvement Grant (WD2), provided by Natural England, ensures the estate receives £100 per hectare of woodland for a duration of 5 years.

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