Woodland Improvement Grant South Hampshire

Woodland Improvement Grant (WD2), provided by Natural England, was applied for in 2015 on behalf of the estate. The success of the application meant that the estate would receive £100 per hectare of woodland for a duration of 5 years. This annual payment meant operations which were often deemed as uneconomical could be done without any financial loss. For example, this case study concentrates on opening up rides by cutting surrounding vegetation.

The images below show the overgrown ride vs 50% towards completion. The work was undertaken by a 360 and a set of shears.

clearing overgrown forest
cleard woods with help of a grant

Within the payment of £100 per hectare, the estate are also expected to complete ride and open space woodland maintenance, coppicing, thinning, release veteran trees, all while keeping grey squirrels and deer numbers  at manageable levels. All these prescriptions are negotiable with the Forestry Commission Woodland Officer before final application submission

The sheared produce was extracted to roadside, allowed to dry, then chipped for biofuel, bringing in a small income for the estate

Once all of the brash has been removed, the site will be mulched. The mulching process will remove any unwanted stumps leaving terrain which can be mowed annually.

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