'Over the last 3 years we have harvested and marketed over £15million worth of timber across all categories of soft and hard wood.'



The majority of tree felling, including timber harvesting, requires a licence and further approval if in sensitive areas. With over 30 years’ experience dealing with licencing, Wessex Woodland Management have a good understanding of the process involved turning an application into an approved licence.


With a team of well over 50 qualified and specialised timber harvesting contractors, Wessex Woodland Management can assign the correct contractor to the correct job using appropriate machinery for sensitive sites.


Dealing with diseased trees can be dangerous, but leaving them along roads or public rights of way can be more dangerous. Our specialised contractors have undergone testing, regulation and are subject to first aid training every 3 years in order to deal with all scenarios of felling. Wessex Woodland Management can also apply for grant funding to replant areas felled due to disease.


Felled trees need to be replanted. Wessex Woodland Management can organise the replanting of woodlands including appropriate site specific protection methods , whilst obtaining any available replanting grants.


Using a wealth of knowledge and contacts, Wessex Woodland Management can market your timber to not only find the best price, but to also find the best location in order to cut down on our carbon footprint.


Once a buyer has been found Wessex Woodland Management can organise the movement of the timber from site to buyer as part of our timber harvesting services.


We never forget that we are working on your behalf and that is reflected in the approach that we take in reporting Harvesting costs and revenues. 

From the start of the harvesting phase to sale and transportation of the timber, all finances are recorded on our Contract Marketing Order (CMO ) sheet and this is always available to you.

Wessex pay all costs associated with timber harvesting services & haulage on your behalf, we then market and sell the timber for you, take a commission on the sale and pay you the balance of monies left.

At any point in this process, you can request the CMO sheet, detailing these costs, though you will always receive a copy at the end of the transaction.

We believe this level of transparency, is key to the way we work and our relationship with you, our client.


In recent years, the use of drones in forestry has become much more popular. The potential use of drones in the industry grows year on year, from surveying to shooting seed pods into the soil

Here in the UK, drones are a good way to assess tree failures due to disease. Areas of felling can be calculated in order to submit accurate felling areas, and subsequent Tree Health Grants and Replanting.


“We are very happy with our woodchip. Professional services and in a timely manner. Excellent services – highly recommended”

Wessex Biofuels Ltd is based in Hungerford in Berkshire, specialising in:

Wood Chip Supply:  Generated from strategic stockpiles of seasoned round wood across the local area, we supply premium heating grade wood chip for specialist wood fuel heating systems as well as wood chip for your garden, play area or horse arena.

Orders of chip can be married to locally available stockpiles, thus reducing “fuel miles”, and offering a green and sustainable alternative to conventional fuels.

Contract Chipping Service mainly for estates, farms and large facilities that have their own supply of timber, or the space to move in the seasoned round wood ready to chip.

The chipper unit is a Heizohack HM10 500K and can chip material up to around 450mm in diameter. By adjusting the feed speed or the screen size, we are able to produce good quality G30, G50 or G100 woodchip.

We can also produce amenity grade woodchip from materials such as tree surgery waste, slabwood and other low grade roundwood.

Contract Splitting Service: We have a crane fed splitter, powered by tractor  PTO and both crane and splitter are operated from the cab of the tractor. It will split up to a four feet diameter log and any length as long as the crane can move it into the splitter. Ideal for splitting large diameter timber to aid the drying process and for splitting large diameter timber to fit the chipper infeed.

Wood chip produced by Wessex Biofuels is a low carbon source of energy produced from locally grown timber.


West Berkshire

Due to the lack of silvicultural interventions, the majority of the conifer crops were ripe for harvesting and in danger of losing commercial value due to oversized timber and the threat of windthrow.