Training Courses Still Running

Despite Covid-19, Foresters are still at work ensuring the safe supply of home-grown timber for the energy sector and building industry. And that means there is still a real need for woodland skills and safety training courses.

In compliance with Government and Industry guidelines, we are able to offer the following five chainsaw courses and woodland management training in February and March 2021.

These are:

Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross cutting & Felling trees up to 380mm

15th – 19th February 2021

This training course cover all modules required for the safe operation of a chainsaw including working safely, maintenance of the chainsaw and cutting system, operational chainsaw checks and cross-cutting timber with a chainsaw. We will also cover all relevant legislation and review industry best practice.

The felling and processing of trees up to 380mm will also be covered, including removing branches from felled trees and taking down hung up trees.

Duration:  5 days training and independent assessment

Qualification: City & Guilds (L2) Award in Chainsaw Maintenance, Crosscutting & Felling Small Trees Up To 380mm (20-12)

Cost: £650.00 + v.a.t

Lantra Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting


22/23 February 2021

Our two-day chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting course will provide you with the appropriate techniques and safety guidelines to ensure that you are not only confident when using a chainsaw but also aware of relevant health and safety guidelines making sure you stay protected.

Duration: 2 days

Qualification: Chainsaw maintenance and crosscut course (LANTRA)

Cost: £290.00 + v.a.t.

Tree Climbing and Rescue (206 &306)

1st-5th March 2021

This course covers ‘Unit 206 [Access a Tree Using a Rope and Harness] and ‘Unit 306 / CS38 [Carry out Aerial Rescue Operations] and includes a full range of topics including: rope configurations; conduct an aerial rescue; tree climbing equipment [LOLER’98] and Legislation.

Duration:  5 days training plus independent assessment

Qualification: NPTC (L2) award in Tree Climbing and Rescue.

Cost: £590.00 + v.a.t

FISA Chainsaw Refresher Course

11th March 2021

This course is ideally designed for the harvesting operators working regularly on commercial production sites and will cover update training a variety of felling and takedown techniques.

It will cover trees sizes up to and in excess of 2 guide bar lengths. (Provided such trees are available on site and the operators have CS32), and cover the requirements expected in standing crops.

Duration:  2 day

Qualification: Refresher Course Issued

Cost: £150.00+ v.a.t

Felling and Processing Tress over 380m

17th-19th March 2021

On successful completion of the course and assessment, you will be able to fell trees and process over 380mm, remove branches on felled trees and be able to deal with taking down hung up trees and will learn:

Duration:  3 days training (integrated assessment).

Qualification: City & Guilds NPTC (L3) Award in Felling and Processing Trees (21-01

Cost: £380.00+ v.a.t

Aerial Cutting of Trees with a chainsaw using Free-Fall Techniques

30-31st March 2021

Having successfully achieved NPTC 201, 202, 203, 206, 306 this course will provide practical experience of aerial cutting of trees using free fall techniques as well as the relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice.

Duration:  2 days training plus independent assessment

Qualification: City & Guilds NPTC (L2) Award Unit 308- Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness

Cost: £320.00+ v.a.t

Bespoke training courses


The courses above represent a small proportion of the training we are able to deliver, either as an open course or as a Bespoke course for you and your colleagues.

If you would like more details on Bespoke courses, email call us on 01488 685007.

Thanks for reading.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jez and the Team