Helping with Grants for Woodland Management

There are an incredible array of grants for woodland management available from the Government to help you create and maintain your woodland. Unfortunately gaining access to these funds can be deeply time-consuming and unsurprisingly requires a significant amount of detailed and accurate information.

Here at Wessex, our woodland grant application specialist can help with woodland creation grants. Not only do we help identify which grant would be most suitable for you, but we can also gather all the relevant information, complete and submit the application and maps on your behalf.

We liaise with the Forestry Commission and Natural England at every stage of the process, through approval to subsequent grant claim.

All money received via the grants is paid directly to you.

Creating a Woodland Management Plan

treetop canopy

The Woodland Planning Grant

Funding to prepare a 10 year Woodland Management Plan which can lead the way into further grant funding such as the Woodland Improvement Grant. Minimum total woodland size is 3ha, with a flat rate of £1500. Total woodland sizes over 50ha attract a further £30/ha

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Creating New Woodland

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English Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)

Funding to create new woodland through the supply of trees and protection materials. Minimum total area size of 1 ha. Available grant fund capped at £10,200/ha with ‘additional contribution’ payments on top. Tree=£1.72, Shelter £2.43 and deer fencing £10.27/m. As well as £400/ha for 15 years to help with the maintenance of the new woodland

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Carbon Credit for New Woodland

The Woodland Creation Carbon Grant

The Woodland Creation Carbon Grant provides you with the option to sell captured CO2 through new woodland planting.

Offers vary depending on species, area and planned work. Each case would need to be calculated on an individual basis in order to give estimated returns.

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Restocking of Diseased Woodland

saplings funded by grant for woodland management

The Woodland Tree Health Grant

Funding towards the cost of replanting woodlands once diseased trees have been removed (typically Ash at the moment). Grant funds a tree in a shelter at £4.15 each.

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The HS2 Fund

hs2 grants for woodland management

HS2 Fund

Any land within 25miles of the HS2 line from London to Birmingham is eligible for grants for woodland management, for either woodland creation or PAWS (Planting on Ancient Woodland Site) restoration. Payments are capped at £8500/ha for woodland creation and £4000 for PAWS restoration

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Improving Woodland Biodiversity

saplings funded by grant for woodland management

The Woodland Improvement and Capital Items Grant.

Funding towards improving the biodiversity of your woodland. Grant paid at £117/ha for 5 years. Prescriptions include Coppicing, Thinning, Ride management with the addition of top up payments for deer and squirrel control (£160/ha). Additionally capital items can be funded under this grant such as deer high seats, fences and field gates

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