Basic Tree Inspection Course

New basic tree inspection course

After storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin earlier this year tree surveys have never been so important to ensure public safety in regards to trees

We are now pleased to offer a basic tree inspection course (1 day) in addition to our existing woodland management course schedule. The course is aimed at a wide group of people from local authority highway inspectors, those working in forestry, park rangers , estate workers and farmers. The course will help you to recognise hazardous trees and how to report them to the appropriate person

In the training course you will cover:

  • State the legal and safety implications of hazardous trees
  • Maintain your own health and safety while carrying out basic tree survey and inspection
  • Recognise hazardous trees
  • Determine level of risk
  • Decide on appropriate course of action
  • Collect and maintain adequate information
  • Recognise your own limitations

The basic tree inspection course costs £110/per person +VAT

The course venue can be changed accordingly depending on clients and estates who may be able to accommodate in house

If you are interested in this course please drop an email to who will be able to give you course dates.