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Whether you have an estate, a farm, or even a large garden, Wessex Woodland Management can help you create, manage and maintain your property.

From the planting of your first sapling to the harvesting of your timber, we have Foresters across England and Wales with the skill and experience to help you. Our specialist support team can also help you with the otherwise taxing administrative tasks associated with Woodland Management Plans, Licence applications and Government or Carbon Capture Funding. We know how difficult and time consuming this work is, so why not  let us do it all for you

Wessex Woodland Management have been managing woodlands on behalf of our clients for over 30 years , it’s our passion and expertise. So, whatever the size of your woodland and whatever stage you are at, we would love to help.

Creating new woodland has never been so important for the health of our planet. It helps improve biodiversity, enhances the landscape, captures carbon and can even return an economic benefit for you.

Due to this newly realised importance for the creation of woodlands, the UK government offers a wide variety of grants to aid their formation.

At Wessex Woodland Management we’ll help you put together your application and guide you right through approval to planting stage.

Woodlands are a carbon-sequestering machine, and like any machine a Woodland needs maintenance. This starts only months after planting and begins with controlling competing weed growth. From then, there are many more jobs to be done, including formative pruning and shelter removal for recycling.

Currently, much of our work is focused on woodland health and Ash Dieback. If you would like to talk to any of our team about the removal of diseased Ash or the liability issues that surround this, please feel welcome to call us.

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Our services include all aspects of harvesting and marketing including the initial preparation and submission of felling licences; woodland plans; pre-site preparation; operation supervision and the management and marketing of timber.

Naturally, all our costs are completely transparent to you as a part of our comprehensive and professional timber harvesting & marketing service.



There are a number of grants available to help you create and maintain your woodland, which we can help you apply for.

In fact, within the last 12 months, we have helped secure £750k of Government Grants for our clients. We begin by collecting and collating all information necessary for your grant application. We then complete and submit the application on your behalf and liaise with the Forestry Commission (including on-site meetings) to ensure that the proposed work meets the high standards required of the grant.

Once the application is approved, we’ll plant to the agreed specification and on completion, submit the grant claim on your behalf.

All money received from Government Grants is paid directly to you.


Wessex have been managing woodlands since 1990 and currently run over 10,000 hectares of woodland across England and Wales.

Many of our clients and our staff have been with us since our startup – and we firmly believe this loyalty is due to our vast knowledge, positive attitude, professional delivery and trust. We apply the same vigour whether we’re working on a 100 hectare estate or clearing a single Ash suffering from dieback before it causes damage.

We listen to what you want and what your woodland needs may be, and because we have the experience we can execute those needs, no matter the type of woodland or work required.

Being a woodland management company for 30 years, also means that we have the in house experience to train other foresters (and aspiring Foresters) on a full range of Lantra and City and Guilds courses.

For help or advice, please call us on 01488 685007 or email us at

Chainsaw Training & Woodland Management Courses

From machinery handling and first aid to chainsaw courses, all of our forestry training is suited to those currently working, or aspiring to work in Forestry, Arboriculture and land-based industries.

Our training is FISA, LANTRA and NPTC accredited to ensure you gain the necessary chainsaw certificate. All courses are provided by fully NPTC qualified assessors, LANTRA Awards & FISA instructors.

Browse our schedule below to book online or call 01488 685007 with any questions.