When it comes to selling produce from woodland operations, estates often find they are at a disadvantage due to the relatively small quantities involved.

WWM have supply contracts with many of the larger end users, as well as a wealth of knowledge of smaller, more local markets, where reduced haulage costs can make the difference between profit and loss. It is often possible to amalgamate supplies for a number of estates in order to achieve higher sales values.

The Company also has an ever increasing involvement in the production and supply of bio-fuels, which is likely to develop considerably in the future as more people look to bio-fuels as a greener and sustainable energy source.

All timber harvesting, extraction and road haulage is carried out by highly trained specialist contractors, with the work being overseen by WWM foresters.

Modern equipment is used to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently, with the minimum of damage to the woodland.

Wessex Biofuels